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Campagne de financement 2017-2018
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The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity carried out its eight fundraising campaing "I give because I care!". Launched on october 31st 2017, the campaing reached 76 500 $. 
The Coalition is grateful for the important support from the population received to date. It is clear that women's economic equality is an important value for New Brunswickers. Together, we are succeeding in advancing pay equity.


What are the funds used for? Please consult the list of our latest achievements and our future projects to find out. 




Our visionary and trailblazing organizations and individuals are highlighted here.

Visionary organizations

Donations of $5,000 or more
New Brunswick Nurses Union
Trailblazer organizations

$1000 to $ 4999 Donations

CUPE, local 1252, NB Council of Hospital Unions
CUPE, local 2745/SCFP, section local 2745
Public Service Alliance of Canada-Atlantic Region
Uni Coopération financière

Visionary individuals

$500 or more 

Louise Aucoin
Maurice Basque
Lucille Collette
Pierre Cormier
Sharon Crabb
Anne Crocker
Jula Hughes
Simone LeBlanc-Rainville
Marie-Linda Lord
Johanne Perron
Noëlla Richard
Liane Roy
Odette Snow
Vallie Stearns-Anderson


Trailblazer individuals

$250 to $499

Jean-Claude Basque
Geneviève Bouchard
Denis Bourgeois
Michèle Caron
Georgie Day
Madeleine Delaney-LeBlanc
Corinne Gallant
Huberte Gautreau
Adel Gönczi
Anne-Marie Laroche
Frances LeBlanc
Lauraine Léger
Viola Léger
Isabelle McKee-Allain
Lise Ouellette
Anne Robichaud
Lise Rodrigue
Jean-François Thibault



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