Working Together Regionally to Move the Pay Equity Issue Forward in NB!

We know that to move the pay equity issue forward, we have to continually increase awareness amongst members of the Legislative Assembly and members of the public across the province. Since the Coalition has limited resources, we're counting on your engagement to succeed!
Join us as we work to promote this cause we all care so much about. You will be personally rewarded by making a difference in your community.
You could:
  • Organize local activities
  • Participate locally in provincial campaigns
  • Give information sessions
  • Inform your local MLAs and ask them to support pay equity legislation.
To get involved with an existing committee or to create one in your region, contact the Coalition's Executive Director, Johanne Perron, at 855-0002 



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You support pay equity legislation and want to follow closely this issue? Join our organization!

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