Pay Equity: Fair & Square! 2014 Provincial Election

Compare what we asked for and what the political parties promised.


In the context of the 2014 provincial election campaign, the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity is asking for:
• Pay equity legislation for the private sector
• A commitment to ensure pay equity for care-giving services provided by the private sector but mandated and regulated by the province, such as home support services, community residences, transition houses, child care, special care homes, nursing homes, literacy programs, and other services, including:
o an improved methodology to calculate pay equity,
o enough government funding to ensure timely pay equity wage adjustments.



Its platform: The Green Party takes position in favor of "strong legislation" for pay equity "in New Brunswick's public and private sectors" by press release, on September 15. 

Our analysis: Strong legislation is what we need, indeed. The Green Party does not say how it will ensure pay equity in care-giving services.


Its platform: The Liberal Party has said it will improve the methodology to measure pay inequity and will require organizations with more than 50 employees who do business with government through procurement or financing programs to implement pay equity plans. It has also committed to ensuring the Pay Equity Act, 2009 is fully implemented across all parts of government, including Crown corporations. 

Our analysis: Improving the methodology is necessary but there is no mention that funding would be provided to reach pay equity in care-giving services. Requiring pay equity plans from organizations doing business with the government might provide good leverage. However, without legislation to establish the parameters, or an independent Commission to provide oversight and support, the Coalition is concerned that there will be no means to monitor the methodological validity of these pay equity plans.


Its platform: "The new NDP will introduce the Pay Equity Act, with consultations based on legislation drafted by the Coalition for Pay Equity and presented to the Legislature by the NDP in 2004. This Act will require employers with ten or more employees to implement a pay equity plan within four years. Compliance will be monitored and enforced by a Pay Equity Commission." (p. 21) 

Our analysis: This is legislation as we want it but we would not exclude employers with less than ten employees. The NDP does not say how it will ensure pay equity in care-giving services.


Its platform: Pay equity is not mentioned in their platform. 

Our analysis: This is the only party who does not officially support pay equity.


Its platform: The Progressive Conservatives indicate that they would continue to implement pay equity measures across government, and continue to support private business to achieve pay equity.

Our analysis: There is not enough information on how the Progressive Conservative Party intends to support private business. Also, there is no commitment to legislate pay equity in the private sector, to improve the methodology or to provide adequate funding to achieve pay equity in care-giving service sector.

Authorized by the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity. Bookkeeping by Denise M. Savoie, Board member, 866-3257.

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