The NB Coalition for Pay Equity launched its fifth annual fundraising campaign

Moncton – The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity launched its fifth annual fundraising campaign, on October 14, in Moncton. 

Sharon Crabb and Paulette Sonier Rioux co-chair the campaign. They announced this year’s slogan: “Pay Equity. It’s only fair. Donate today!” The Coalition has set its objective at $90,000 and has already raised $40,000 – 44% of its objective – just with its close allies and friends.

Sharon Crabb, a retired high school principal well known for her volunteer involvement in the Capital Region, says pay equity most benefits women working as child care workers, home support workers, special care workers, community residence workers and all other jobs predominantly done by women. “These women are our neighbours, friends, acquaintances, relatives, family; we see them at school functions, in grocery stores or perhaps providing services to our own family. The work of too many women is undervalued, underpaid; often their education, responsibilities, working conditions and effort are not recognized.”

Paulette Sonier Rioux, recently nominated as one of 100 remarkable women who contributed to the Canadian Francophonie and to the improvement of women’s status over the past 100 years, supports pay equity as a means to reach equality. “The campaign will help us to further pay equity and advocate for legislation in the private sector so that even with a small population, New Brunswick could become a model in terms of fairness and equality,” says Ms. Sonier Rioux.

The fundraised money will be used to promote pay equity as a fairness issue and as part of human resource management best practices. The Coalition advocates for provincial pay equity legislation for the private sector so that every New Brunswicker working in predominantly-female jobs gets equal pay for work of equal value. As a result of the Coalition’s past work, there is now pay equity legislation for the whole public sector.

The population is invited to make donations by cash, cheque or via Paypal on the Coalition’s site: The Coalition now offers the option of making monthly donations either via Paypal or through pre-authorized bank withdrawals.

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