Open Letter to the Premier

The Coalition for Pay Equity signed the following letter with 25 other organizations, asking for a white paper on the strategic program review, the inclusion of community-based organizations and unions in the government's Spring conference.



January 29, 2015

Mr. Gallant, now that the dust from the provincial election has settled, you now hold, in your hands, the responsibility of a province which, like many Canadian provinces, is facing important challenges.

Those challenges are very real, whether at the level of finances, public program delivery, economic growth or job creation. They must be taken seriously if we want a stable and sustainable economy, and if we want to ensure quality of life for all citizens.

Very recently, your government implemented a strategic review process aimed at governmental programs. A committee responsible for that important review was created and is led by Minister Victor Boudreau. A small discussion paper was prepared and consultation sessions are organized. Moreover, your government plans to organize, next spring, a conference with key stakeholders and specialists.

You are asking us to ‘’work together to redefine the role of the government and find innovative solutions to meet that challenge.’’

Mr. Gallant, we are ready to meet the challenge and we want to do our part but, in order to do so, we need more time, more information and more consultation.

Two hours sessions and a document of a few pages are not enough to foster public consultation or build a real public dialogue.

We hope that this consultation is the first step toward a must broader one and that in the coming months, the publication of a white paper will be the base for a more complete democratic involvement of citizens.

As we already mentioned, we are serious and want to participate to better our province and our society. In that spirit, we propose the following:

1. that the government prepare a white paper giving the economic, social and environmental picture of the province, specifying the challenges we are facing, as well as the change options regarding revenues, expenses, programs and services for which cuts were suggested in order to save money, and with the positive and negative consequences for each using a gender-based analysis.

2. that the government’s Spring strategic program review conference last two days and that it be open to representatives from all sectors: unionized and non-unionized workers, women, welfare recipients, seniors, students, academics, as well as representatives from the private sector, municipalities, etc.

3. that the government ensure live broadcast of the conference through community television and on the Internet so the public may follow the exchanges and debates. It is important that the process be as transparent as possible.

Mr. Gallant, we have our province at heart and we want to work at making it a good place to live and where people want to raise their kids.

That is why we are asking you to consider our propositions so that, together, we can foster the development of New Brunswick for the next decades.

Signatures by alphabetic order

1. Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick, Philippe Beaulieu, President. Carmen Gibbs Executive-Director. 852-3313.

2. Association des aînés francophones du N.-B., Jean-Luc Bélanger, Executive Director. 850-9500

3. Association de bibliothécaires, professeures et professeurs de l’Université de Moncton, Marie-Noëlle Ryan, President. 858-4509.

4. Association des municipalités francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick, Roger Doiron, President. 523-3430.

5. Canadian Union of Public Employees- New Brunswick Division, Danny Légère, President. 869-0424.

6. Comité de justice et solidarité du Diocèse d’Edmundston, Céline Létourneau, Coordinator. 735-5578.

7. Comité de justice et solidarité du Diocèse de Moncton, Dianne Léger, Coordinator. 857-9531, poste 229.

8. Conseil provincial des sociétés culturelles. Marie-Thérèse Landry, Executive Director. 858-8000.

9. Council of Canadians, Saint John Chapter, Léticia Adair, President. 633-0398.

10. Council of Canadians, Fredericton Chapter, Caroline Lubbe d’Arcy.

11. Fédération des étudiants et étudiantes du Centre universitaire de Moncton, Moncef Lakouas, President. 858-4484.

12. Fredericton and District Labour Council. Alex Baily, President, 999-7206.

13. Groupe des 12, Claude Snow, Coordinator. 727-4948.

14. International Association of Fire Fighters, local 1053, Glen Sullivan, President.

15. KAIROS Saint John. Angie Martz.

16. Maritime Fishermen’s Union, Christian Brun, Executive Secretary. 532-2485.

17. Service de Bienfaisance, Germaine Savoie, 753-5628.

18. New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity, Vallie Stearns, President. 855-0002.

19. New Brunswick Common Front for Social Justice inc., Pauline Richard, Co-Chair. 227-7175.

20. New Brunswick Conservation Council, Lois Corbett, Executive Director. 458-8787.

21. New Brunswick Federation of Labour, Patrick Colford, President. 381-8969.

22. New Brunswick Health Coalition, Nancy Arseneault, Co-Chair. 546-5239.

23. Regroupement féministe du Nouveau-Brunswick, Sylvie Morin, President. 381-2255.

24. Reproductive Justice New Brunswick. Tracy Glynn. 440-5592

25. Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick. Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet, President. 858-4414.


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