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Fall 2015

In this issue:

  1. Pay equity in the child care sector
  2. Pay Equity: It's Only Fair. Donate Today.
  3. Meeting with minister Victor Boudreau
  4. Pay Equity in your area!
  5. An academic publication on pay equity in New Brunswick
  6. World March of Women 2015 in New Brunswick


1.    Pay Equity in the child care sector

The Coalition presented a brief to the New Brunswick Child Care Review Task Force. We argued that a good child care program cannot be delivered in the absence of pay equity. Our major recommendations are:

·         Implement a precise and valid pay equity methodology to evaluate the positions of child care educators and of child care administrators/directors, and adjust their wages accordingly.

·         Any increase in training requirements for child care educators and directors must be accompanied by fair wages to reflect any new training.


2.    Pay Equity: It's Only Fair. Donate Today.

The 2015-2016 Fundraising campaign has been launched! This year's campaign is chaired by lawyer Adel Gönczi. We have already raised $50,000 but our goal is $90,000. Donate via Paypal on our internet site: or send a cheque to the Coalition for Pay Equity at 51 Williams St., Moncton, NB E1C 2G6.


3.    Meeting with Minister Victor Boudreau

On September 14, representatives of the Coalition met with the Minister responsible for the Strategic Program Review and Minister of Health, Victor Boudreau to discuss the importance of achieving pay equity in the context of the on-going review of programs and services. The Coalition is concerned that services will be privatized and that progress made on pay equity will be lost.


4.    Pay Equity in your area!      

The Tantramar Committee for Action on Pay Equity (T-CAPE) organized a “Pay Equity Happy Hour” on September 24, 2015, at the Sackville Thunder and Lightning Pub. Fifteen people participated in a discussion on pay equity in a relaxed atmosphere.


The Tracadie chapter of the Dames d'Acadie invited the Coalition's Executive Director to give a talk on pay equity on October 14. An interesting discussion followed on how women's work is undervalued.


5.    An academic research on pay equity in New Brunswick

Sociology Professor Marie-Andrée Pelland and Social Work Professor Lise Savoie, both with the Université de Moncton, published a research paper entitled " L’enjeu de l’équité salariale au Nouveau-Brunswick : une question de redistribution et de reconnaissance " in the Revue multidisciplinaire sur l'emploi, le syndicalisme et le travail.


6.    World March of Women 2015 in New Brunswick

·         16 organizations, including the Coalition for Pay Equity, participated in the planning of the World March of Women in New Brunswick, in 2015.

·         125 persons of all ages gathered in Fredericton on October 17.

·         11 recommendations were developed around 3 major themes: gender-based analysis, economic equality and violence against women (

·         One recommendation is the adoption of pay equity legislation for the private sector.


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