The New Brunswick Womens Council: A good news according to the Coalition for Pay Equity

Moncton – The Coalition for Pay Equity applauds the provincial government’s decision to table legislation that will ensure funding and independence for the Voices of New Brunswick Women Consensus-Building Forum. The Coalition also applauds the name change of the Forum to The New Brunswick Women’s Council, a name that is more simple and more just.
“This is an excellent news for women in New Brunswick. We had been waiting for the government to fulfill this election campaign promise for a long time. This legislation will allow the Women’s Council to fully execute it’s mandate to provide advice to the government and the public on matters of interest to women’s real equality.” Says Vallie Stearns, Chair of the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity.
She urges the government to continue its commitment towards equality. “If the Women’s Council can advise the government, it is still the government that can implement measures that will actually have an impact on equality. Thus, the Gallant government must now fulfill its election promises for pay equity in the coming months. By acting quickly, he has the opportunity to directly improve the economic situation of thousands of women in New Brunswick. "
Johanne Perron, executive director of the Coalition, reminds us of the government's commitments on pay equity: "First, it must ensure that the Pay Equity Act, 2009 is fully implemented. Secondly, it must require pay equity among the private sector employers who do business with the government. "

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