Michael Ignatieff commits to pay equity legislation!

On October 29, the federal Liberal Leader, Michael Ignatieff, introduced a bill on pay equity which acknowledges that pay equity is a human right.

The Liberal Party's bill asks Stephen Harper's government to adopt a proactive system based on the recommendations put forward by the Pay Equity Task Force in 2004. These recommendations included the adoption of a pay equity act and defined its contents.

The bill would also repeal the measures outlined in the Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act which was included in the 2009 budget implementation act. This Act raised much protest when it was adopted in early 2009, because it relegated pay equity to collective bargaining and to the market while imposing up to $50,000 fines to unions which would encourage their members to launch a pay equity complaint.

  “… [N]o human right should ever, ever be subject to negotiation”, said Mr. Ignatieff.

Read the Liberal Party’s press release.

Consult Bill C-471: An Act respecting the implementation of the recommendations of the Pay Equity Task Force and amending another Act in consequence.

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