National women's group calls for investigation into funding decisions by Helena Guergis as Minister of Status of Women Canada

PRESS RELEASE: The Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) calls for an investigation and review of funding decisions made by Helena Guergis, former Minister for Status of Women Canada (SWC), as more women’s advocacy organizations learn their projects were refused funding this year. 

“SWC has turned down a growing list of women’s groups this year, that they previously funded”, CRIAW President Judy White points out.  “In addition to CRIAW, this includes the Womanspace Resource Centre in LethbridgeAlberta, the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity, CIAFT* - a Quebec provincial association dedicated to defending the rights of women at work and others.  We know there are more but some are afraid they will lose more government funding if they speak out”.

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