The Coalition has signed the declaration of Voices-Voix

The Voices-Voix Coalition is inviting organizations and individuals to sign a declaration that denounces the disregard of fundamental human rights by the Harper government, the secretive atmosphere that permeates that government and its attempt at silencing the organizations that oppose the government positions. Following is what the “Raise your Voices!” declaration demands:
1. Respect the right to freedom of opinion and expression. Therefore,
·         Cease to deliberately target those who speak out against government policies with the use of smear campaigns, dismissal from employment, funding cuts, blatant and subtle threats, regulations designed to obfuscate and prevent public debate, and other acts of bad faith.
·         Commit to parliamentary hearings in the Fall of 2010 that address widespread concerns about the loss of democratic space in Canada.
2. Act in accordance with Canada’s democratic traditions and values. Therefore,
·         Actively promote and support political diversity and public debate, instead of avoiding it.
·         Recognize and respect the vital role, expertise, and necessary independence of civil society organizations.
3. Be transparent. Therefore,
·         Demonstrate full respect for and accountability to the Parliament of Canada and the Canadian People.
·         Allow complete access for Canadians to information regarding public policy decisions.
·         Base funding decisions for government and civil society organizations on fair standards and democratic principles, instead of partisan agendas.

To this day, 127 organizations from every area have signed the declaration, including the Ad Hoc Coalition for Women's Equality and Human Rights, Amnesty International Canada, the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, the Canadian Federation of Students, the Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada and Oxfam Canada.

The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity also signed the declaration and invites you to follow in its footsteps!

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