Changes to the 2011 Census: A disastrous decision!

The federal government recently announced that it will substitute the detailed mandatory census form for a voluntary fill-out form.
This news upsets many organizations that are related to social services because the only census that remains mandatory does not contain any questions regarding those services.
Ivan Fellegi, a former statistical chief of Statistics Canada, fears that, in comparison to former censuses, this one will not reflect the actual makeup of Canada’s population. Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, retorts that the changes were considered following complaints from the public that the form was too long.
This decision could have disastrous consequences for groups in situation of minority, for example immigrants, lower income citizens and women among others, because these target groups are least likely to fill out voluntary forms.
Richard Shearmur, Canada Chair in Spatial Statistics and Public Policy, says that the move will increase our ignorance about ourselves and make it easier for governments to manipulate us.
NouvELLES, a service from the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women, notifies us of the missing sources of information from the 2011 Census:
- Long-form Census, which goes to 1 in 5 households, every 5 years for the past 35 years, with questions on ethnicity, language, education and income.
- Workplace and Employee Survey, the only source of information on job vacancies, health benefits and private pension plans. 
- Survey of Financial Security, which tracked assets & debts across regions, income & age groups and family types. 
- Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada.
- Participation & Activity Limitation Survey, the major source of information on persons with disabilities.
- Canada and Provinces, on program beneficiaries and expenditures, has not been updated since 2003. 
- Survey of Household Spending has undergone major changes that will end key information on how we spend, save & borrow.
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For more information: Tories scrap mandatory long census - CBC

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