Liberals and Progressive-conservatives stay indefinite in their commitment to a law in the private sector

Following the Coalition's press conference on Thursday, 5 August 2010, the Daily Gleaner has published an article where the Liberal party and the Progressive-conservative party are asked their standing towards a pay equity law in the private sector.
Mary Schryer, liberal MLA, agrees that “we need to get pay equity in the private sector” and she adds that getting it in the public sector as well as establishing pay equity programs in five groups in the private sector were beginnings to that effect. She does not mention if a pay equity law will come up in the liberal’s electoral platform.
On the other hand, Margaret-Ann Blaney, progressive-conservative MLA, said that there definitely will be a mention of pay equity in the progressive-conservative platform, although she did not want to give more details on the subject.
It is therefore necessary to continue to put pressure on the provincial political parties to show them that a pay equity law in the private sector is an important and serious issue.
Read the article here.

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