The Coalition gives an update on the election campaign.

67% of New Brunswick working women are employed in the private sector. What will the political parties do for them? As of September 20, the Progressive Convervatives have completely ignored the issue of pay equity, the Liberals have not committed to legislation for pay equity in the private sector while the New Democratic Party and the Green Party promised to legislate pay equity in the private sector. Here are the details of the parties' commitments:

New Democratic Party
“The NDP will introduce legislation modeled on successful pay equity legislation already in place in Quebec. The NDP Pay Equity Act would require employers with ten or more employees to implement a pay equity plan within four years. Employers would be prohibited from lowering wages to achieve pay equity. Like Quebec, the law would be monitored and enforced by a Pay Equity Commission, which would also assist small business in complying with the law, reducing the burden imposed on them by the Act.” ( For details on the NDP's commitment, see their platform, p. 21.
Green Party
“A Green government would: (…) Legislate pay equity in the private sector.” (2010 Platform)
Liberal Party
“A Liberal Government will:
  • Complete the pay equity adjustments for home care and child care workers by 2015
  • Complete the job evaluations for workers in community residences
  • Begin job evaluations for early childhood interventionist, community residence and ADAPT workers and special care home attendants.” (2010 Platform)
Progressive-Conservative Party
No mention of pay equity in their platform.


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