Help us to save the NB Advisory Council on the Status of Women! We can't afford losing this independent voice obtained by women in 1977!
Here is what you can do:
1. Call Premier David Alward’s office at 506-453-2144 (one call is worth 10 emails).  Leave a message or tell his staff that you find unaceptable the decision to abolish the NB Council on the Status of Women.  Ask the Premier to reverse his decision to abolish the Council. See below for information on the Council and the government’s decision.   
2. Write to Premier David Alward:  
3. Write to the editor of NB papers (you can send your letter to all of them):  
5. Talk about it!!!  To everyone!! All the time!!  Transfer this message!!
6. Follow the evolution of the mouvement to save the NB Advisory Council on the Status of Women:

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