Invitation to tender

Bilingual External Evaluation Consultant for Project on Women's Leadership in the Community Sector
Project Description
Within this 24-month project (March 2011-April 2013), the Coalition for Pay Equity of New Brunswick will develop innovative mentorship models and supports. These will be implemented in order to increase women's full involvement as leaders and decision-makers in community-based organizations. The mentorships models and supports will pinpoint and find solutions to the obstacles women face when assuming leadership of these organisations. A key component will be for the Coalition to prepare women in leadership positions in community-based organizations to serve as mentors to those with little or no experience of civic engagement, and wherever possible, to involve them as leaders in their own organizations. Results will be shared with other groups and target populations across Canada. This project is targeted primarily towards community organizations operating in New-Brunswick.
Skill Set Needed
·      Project evaluation experience, preferably in dealing with gender issues and community organizations
·      Information gathering, producing documents in French and English
·      Knowledge and practice of gender based analysis
Contract outline
·    Evaluation plan (or draft) to be handed-in for July 28th 2011
·   Progress updates to be given bi-weekly or when needed
·   Evaluation meetings and interviews to be made in accordance with deadline and interviewee availability
·   Quarterly schedule to be determined with the employer
·   Final evaluation rough draft to be handed May 1st 2013
·   Evaluation's final draft to be handed May 10th 2013
The evaluation plan will include the following elements (amongst others):

1. Predetermined final results
2. Data collection :
a)   Which indicators are used?
b)   Who collects the data, how frequently and what method is used?
3. Usual questions to be included:
a)        Did the implementation go according to plan? To what extent?
b)        Did the Blueprint Project produce the expected results? To what extent?
c)        Did the Blueprint Project answer the needs of the women of the community? To what extent?
d)        Did the Blueprint Project answer the problems brought forth by the sex based analysis on which the project was based? To what extent?
e)        Did the model implemented within the framework of the project prove to be effective? To what extent?
f)         Did the partnerships contribute to the success of the Blueprint Project? How?
g)        Did the Coalition for pay equity learn something from this experiencethat will help it to better the effective of the Blueprint Project?
h)        How does the Coalition for pay equity evaluate the efficacy of the practices it used to broadcast the results of the project?

The evaluation plan will also cover the pertinence of the project, and any elements contributing to its success.
How to tender
All interested parties should contact the project coordinator by July 15th 4:00 pm to get more information on the project in order to then submit a proposal within the next work week.
Emmanuelle Chapados
Project coordinator
Mentorship for women's leadership in the community sector

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