Another Step Forward! - Statement by the hon. member Pam Lynch

A little over a year ago, women decried the abolition of the Advisory Council on the Status of Women. As a result, the government is now seeking an alternative to ensure that women’s voices will continue to be heard.

Here is the statement of hon. member Pam Lynch on this issue, made December 11th:

“Mister Speaker,

When our government says we will listen, we do!

As the Legislative Secretary to the minister responsible of Women’s Issues, I would like to applaud her for meeting with women’s advocates and advocacy groups, following a commitment made by our government at the 2011 Voices of New Brunswick Women Summit. 

When Women recommended that our government continues to work with stakeholders so we can identify and develop strategies and mechanisms to ensure that the voices of New Brunswick women continue to be heard, we did!

Our government recognizes that hearing the voices of women is fundamental to democracy, building strong communities and achieving gender equality.

The Voices of New Brunswick Women Summit is an opportunity to identify and develop strategies to hear from women and to engage them in the decision-making process. 

That is how, together, we will rebuild New Brunswick. Thank you Mister Speaker.”
Well done! We must continue to voice our demands and follow developments closely!

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