“Pay Equity Now!” Campaign

The Coalition for Pay Equity launched a campaign entitled: “Pay Equity Now!” to require the next provincial government to introduce pay equity legislation for the private sector in New Brunswick. The campaign aims to get opinion leaders and the general public to understand the consequences of pay inequity and to mobilize to ask for changes.

Here are the results! Three days before the election, we compiled the pay equity promises of all parties to better inform your decision on September 24.


We need your help to make all political parties in New Brunswick understand the need for pay equity legislation for the private sector NOW! You, as voters, can make a difference.  

If you believe we need pay equity for everyone in this province, here how you can help:

Talk about pay equity for the private sector with your MLA. Check out our lobbying kit for more information.

Share or post a short video (10 to 20 seconds) or a picture saying why pay equity is important to you. Don't forget to use our hashtag #nowNB.

Wear your campaign t-shirt and share our buttons and postcards with people around you! Contact us to order to place your order.

Participate to the campaign on social media: share our posts, tag your MLA and the premier, and use our hashtag #nowNB on your posts.

Let your candidats know that you’ll be watching for their party’s stance on pay equity legislation for the private sector in the coming election. And you could vote accordingly! You can take a look to our cheat sheet for help. 



This is our province, those are our elections coming up. We want pay equity now and we will make sure everyone knows it! 

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