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The provincial government is organizing prebudget consultations. You can participate in meetings or on-line. For more information, please go to: http://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/corporate/public_consultations/budget.html

Here is what the Coalition for Pay Equity is proposing, feel free to share our ideas with the government!

Prebudget Consultations – Nov.-Dec. 2016

Here are three questions the provincial government is asking in the prebudget consultations and the answers proposed by the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity.


Should the plan to return to balance by 2020-2021 be accelerated, slowed down or maintained as currently outlined? If the timing of the plan is changed, how should it be changed and why?

The economy has not fully recovered. So, returning to balance before 2020-2021 would be too fast.

Why? In times of economic slowdown, government revenue always goes down since less jobs and sales means less income and sales taxes going to the government’s coffers. This results in a temporary deficit. However, if the government cuts its expenses in order to balance the budget, it will further depreciate the economy. The government mostly offers services and cutting services means cutting jobs. And again, less jobs means less consumption, which hurts the economy and means even less income and sales taxes paid to the government. Instead, the government should invest in social infrastructure in order to help the economy.


Are there new or other priorities that should be invested in?

Increase women’s economic equality:

a)    Use a gender based analysis of the budget and make it public.

b)    Implement the liberal government’s pay equity promises:

·         Require pay equity plans from organizations doing business with the government.

·         Fully implement the Pay Equity Act, 2009 in the public sector

c)    Invest in pay equity wages for all community care-giving services such as special care homes, home support, community residences, transition houses, etc.

d)    Follow up on the Child Care Task Force recommendations including pay equity based wages.

If so, how should they be paid for?

a)    Increased pay equity will increase income tax paid to the government.

b)    Increase royalties on natural resources.

c)    Work with the federal government to control fiscal paradise and close fiscal loop-holes.


With the ongoing focus on the need to address the effects of climate change, how should revenue raised from a carbon price be put back into the economy?

Follow the recommendations of the LEAP Manifesto for a green economy including: expanding “those sectors that are already low-carbon: caregiving, teaching, social work, the arts and public-interest media” and a universal childcare system.



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