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Pay equity: Hoping the Liberals will deliver


Statement from the NB Coalition for Pay Equity on the Throne speech

- We were disappointed that pay equity was not mentioned in the Throne speech.

We are looking forward to see the government act upon its pay equity platform and we are hoping that it will be part of the initiatives “designed to boost equality and the economy at the same time” that the government will introduce this year (p. 11).

Pay equity is equal pay for work of equal value. It will certainly boost our economy since it will make more money circulate in the local economy. Recognized internationally as a human right, pay equity is also at the heart of equality.

As a reminder, according to the Liberal election platform, the government will be:

  • Improving the pay equity adjustment methodology and requiring organizations with more than 50 employees who do business with government through procurement or financing programs to implement pay equity plans;
  • Ensuring the Pay Equity Act of 2009 is fully implemented across all parts of government, including Crown corporations.

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