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Pay Equity Visionaries



Over 15 “visionaries” contributed $500 or more to the campaign “Pay Equity: It’s only fair. Donate today” led by the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity. “I celebrate the commitment of many women and men to this important cause. I encourage other people to participate. All donations will help us reach our $90,000 goal!” states Paulette Sonier Rioux, Co-President of the campaign which has now reached $80,000. For information on the campaign, visit: 

PHOTO: 5 visionary donors. Front, left to right: Paulette Sonier Rioux (Co-President of the campaign), Jacqueline Collette, Vallie Stearns; back, left to right: Isabelle McKee-Allain, Simone LeBlanc-Rainville.

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