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Provincial Budget: Pay Equity Coalition Looking Forward to Action


The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity welcomes the government's statement of support for pay equity in its budget speech.

“We are cautiously pleased that the government reaffirmed its commitment to pay equity,” says Vallie Stearns, Chair of the Coalition. “However, it is difficult to see how much money, if any, was designated to pay equity wage adjustments for workers experiencing wage discrimination. We want to make sure that the Gallant government will move beyond lip service and actually do something concrete to make pay equity a reality for all workers in New Brunswick.”

Pay equity is equal pay for work of equal value. It is reached when predominantly female jobs are paid at the same level as predominantly male jobs that have the same value. The Pay Equity Act, 2009, came into force in 2010 and wage adjustments were supposed to begin in 2012 in the public sector.  However, delays in implementing the Act has meant that the majority of those affected have not yet received a wage rate increase.

The Coalition advocates for the full implementation of Pay Equity Act, 2009 in the public sector and that the legislation be broadened to include the private sector.

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