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New Brunswick Human Rights Day: New Brunswick could lead again!


New Brunswick Human Rights Day:


As September 15 marks the anniversary of the coming into effect of the New Brunswick Human Rights Act in 1967, the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity calls on the provincial government to lead again in human right matters by extending its Pay Equity Act to the private sector.

“Just like in 1967, New Brunswick was the second province to establish a human rights commission, it could be the third province to adopt pay equity legislation for the private sector and remain among the leaders in human rights issues in Canada,” says Jula Hughes, law professor and Anglophone Vice-Chair of the Coalition for Pay Equity.

Pay equity – equal pay for work of equal value - is internationally recognized as a human right. Yet, according to Jula Hughes, without stand-alone pay equity legislation, wage discrimination based on sex is still prevalent.

“Too many people are still underpaid simply because their job is mostly done by women. Old sexist biases still influence the pay structure and that can only change when all employers are required to analyse and pay jobs based on the responsibilities, skills, effort, and working conditions,” explains the Coalition’s Vice-Chair.




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