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Pay Equity: It's Only Fair. Donate Today.


Moncton, 28 octobre – The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity launched its sixth annual fundraising campaign in a press conference today, in Moncton.

A young professional and lawyer, Adel Gönczi is the President of the 2015-2016 campaign “Pay Equity: It’s Only Fair. Donate Today.”

“This cause is important to me because pay inequity is, in my mind, the next barrier to break for women,” says Ms. Gönczi. Whether rich or poor, young or old, of Acadian, Aboriginal or Irish descent, every woman’s work in the Province should be recognized for its true value. When she performs work which is of the same value as the work performed mostly by men for the same employer, she should receive the same salary.”

Ms. Gönczi announced that the Coalition has already reached 44% of its $90,000 goal: $40 000.

Donations will be used to promote pay equity legislation for the private sector and encourage other government pay equity initiatives. Thanks to the Coalition’s efforts, the government adopted Pay Equity Act, 2009 which applies to the whole public sector.

The population is invited to make donations by cash, cheque or via Paypal on the Coalition’s site:  The Coalition offers the option of making monthly donations either via Paypal or through pre-authorized bank withdrawals.

(Photo: Adel Gönczi)

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