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Throne Speech: Women are worried


“We looked hard at the Throne Speech and are worried. We want to make sure that women's concerns are taken into consideration in the government’s plans for 2016-2017 and beyond,” says Johanne Perron, Executive Director of the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity.

Johanne Perron took notice of the fact that the Gallant government’s second Throne Speech, like the first, made no mention of the Liberals election promises regarding pay equity, i.e. “improving the pay equity adjustment methodology and requiring organizations with more than 50 employees who do business with government through procurement or financing programs to implement pay equity plans; and “ensuring the Pay Equity Act of 2009 is fully implemented across all parts of government, including Crown corporations” (Liberal platform, pp 29-30).

“We want clear indications that the government will take concrete actions to fulfill its pay equity commitments in the next few months,” says Johanne Perron.

“We are also worried about the Strategic Program Review and the impact that service privatization might have on women,” further explains Johanne Perron. “Many workers might lose the pay equity coverage they enjoyed under the Pay Equity Act, 2009 since the Act only applies to the public sector.”

The Coalition appreciates that the government looked at the differential impact that its decisions will have on women and men but wants this analysis to be made public. “The Strategic Program Review documentChoices: to move New Brunswick forward does not include the government’s gender analysis, so we cannot assess its accuracy. This analysis should be made public”, adds Johanne Perron.

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