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Weighing the impact of the federal budget on women


Vallie Stearns, Chair of the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity, finds many reasons to praise the federal budget and highlights needed improvements.


“We see positively the increased budget for Status of Women Canada but the project funding criteria still exclude advocacy for women’s rights. The government abandons the past 10 years of austerity measures which hurt women disproportionately but new investments are concentrated in physical rather than social infrastructure. Investments will help transition houses but we are still waiting for investments in home support services to senior citizens and the creation of a national child care system. We totally welcome the reinstatement of the Court Challenge Program,” explains Vallie Stearns.


Funding for advocacy activities promoting women’s rights was eliminated under the previous government. Since then, the Coalition’s advocacy activities are completely funded through an annual fundraising campaign.


The Coalition has often denunciated public and social service cuts, pointing to the value of predominantly female work done in these fields.


In conclusion, the Coalition’s Chair is positive about this first budget: “Work remains to be done to meet women’s needs, but this budget coupled with the government’s commitment towards pay equity and its willingness to include civil society in public debate give us hope.”

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