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Pay Equity Victory for NB Educational Support Staff


Today, Finance Minister Cathy Rogers, on behalf of on behalf of Treasury Board President Roger Melanson, announced that the government will dedicate 35 million dollars to pay equity adjustments for about 3000 educational support staff from CUPE Local 2745.

“This is a major gain for women. This case shows how significant wage discrimination can be for female-dominated jobs, depending on the sector or workplace. Measuring the problem would not have been possible without legislation,” says Vallie Stearns Anderson, Chair of the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity.
While full details have not been disclosed yet, Minister Rogers stated that $3.5 million dollars will be paid out in pay equity adjustments over each of ten years, starting retroactively in 2012.  The amounts for each job classification may differ slightly according to the results of gender-neutral job evaluation.
 “We are disappointed that these workers will only reach their full pay equity wages in 2022 but it’s clear the government is taking pay equity seriously.  We trust that it will continue its election promise to fully implement the Pay Equity Act, 2009 for the groups who are still waiting,” says Johanne Perron, Executive Director of the Coalition.  “We still maintain that the Act needs to be broadened to include the private sector, so that all workers can achieve this fundamental human right.”
Educational support staff include educational assistants, administrative support, secretaries, library workers and intervention workers, at least 98 percent of whom are women.

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