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Coalition questions the Gallant government's commitment to implement all its pay equity promises


Yesterday's provincial budget announcement leaves the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity hoping that the Gallant government is not stepping back on some of its pay equity promises. “The budget speech does not even mention pay equity,” says Vallie Stearns Anderson, Chair of the Coalition.

Pay equity, which means equal pay for work of equal value, was an important feature of the Liberal election platform in 2014.  While the Gallant government has recognized pay equity as a key element of women’s equality, as well as improving key services such as child care, home support and other senior and long-term care services, it has not taken the steps necessary to implement pay equity in these caregiving sectors yet.

“No money has been set aside to eliminate pay inequities affecting female-majority workers who deliver care-giving services through private sector agencies. Until now, the only visible progress on pay equity in the province has happened in the public sector -where there is legislation. We are convinced more than ever that legislation is needed to require employers to recognize and ensure pay equity in the workplace,” emphasizes Stearns Anderson.  

The Liberal Party promised in their 2014 election platform: 1) the full implementation of the Pay Equity Act, 2009; 2) improvements to the methodology of measuring pay inequity; and 3) the requirement of pay equity plans for organizations with 50 or more employees who do business with the government. While important progress has been made in the public sector under the Act, virtually none has been seen on the second and third promises.

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