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2017 International Womens Day: Where are We with Pay Equity in New Brunswick?


During this International Women's Day, the NB Coalition for Pay Equity is celebrating the work done on pay equity and wishes to give an update on the work left to do.

“Pay equity - equal pay for work of equal value – is a fundamental human right that has known many victories and validation in New Brunswick over the years.  We are happy to see the progress made over the years thanks to the collective efforts of numerous community organizations and unions in partnership with the Coalition. However, there is still a lot of work to do for all women to reach pay equity in the province,” says Vallie Stearns-Anderson,  Chair of the Coalition.

During the past year, the provincial government has given pay equity adjustments to education support staff and to court stenographers. Reports mandated by the government highlighted that many workers face pay inequity in their respective field. It is the case of the Council on Aging’s report We Are All in This Together and the Child Care Sector Task Force’s report Valuing Children, Families and Childcare. In its Family Plan, the provincial government also recognizes the importance of pay equity to increase women’s equality and reduce poverty.

“The next logical step is action and systemic changes to end pay inequity. The 2009 Pay Equity Act needs to be fully implemented.  The government has to keep its electoral promises of improving the methodology to adjust pay equity and require organizations that have more than 50 employees who deal with the government to have pay equity plans in place. We also need pay equity legislation for the private sector where 65% of New Brunswick women work,” concludes Johanne Perron, Executive Director of the Coalition. 

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