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A child care system for Mother's Day


As we approach Mother's Day, the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity, the Regroupement féministe du Nouveau-Brunswick (RFNB) and the New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL) urge the provincial government to implement all the recommendations presented in Valuing Children, Families and Childcare: New Brunswick Child Care Review Task Force Final Report, released on August 26, 2016, as soon as possible. Stakeholders attended a forum last December to discuss these recommendations, but the government's silence since that time is a great concern for the organizations.

"The final report of the Child Care Review Task Force is based on consultations and research, and is an excellent resource for establishing quality, accessible, and affordable child care throughout the province. We think Recommendation #1, which deals with regulations and prescribes a gradual move toward a more publicly funded not-for-profit system, will best ensure access for all children to quality learning and childcare services, both in the short term and in future generations. When this system is in place, the increased participation of mothers in the work force will play a very positive role in helping them achieve financial autonomy," said Nelly Dennene, Executive Director of the RFNB.

"The report reminds us that working conditions, including wages and benefits, do not currently reflect the actual work being performed by early childhood educators. It recommends that the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development ensure that the qualifications for all educators and operators working with young children be increased and supported with appropriate compensation, by completing certification and pay equity processes. (#3.1). Pay equity is a fundamental human right, hence the obligation of the government to act on this recommendation," explained Vallie Stearns-Anderson, Chair of the Coalition for Pay Equity.

"The NBFL has been asking for a publicly-funded child care program for many years. Recommendation #4, which addresses public investments, is a step in the right direction. Several studies have shown that increased investments in child care benefit the government and have a favourable impact on the economy. The report of the task force is yet another document that substantiates this research. The government has all the evidence it needs to take action right now," concluded Nancy Arseneau, NBFL Vice-President responsible for Women’s Issues.

These three organizations hope the provincial government will provide the leadership necessary to implement the recommendations set out in the Child Care Review Task Force Final Report. Doing so would be the best present ever for mothers in New Brunswick!  

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