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Pay Equity Act, 2009: 8 years after, where are we?


 Moncton – On the eighth anniversary of the sanction of the 2009 Pay Equity Act, the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity reports on its implementation.

"During the last election campaign, the Gallant government promised to ensure that the Pay Equity Act of 2009 is fully implemented across all parts of government, including Crown corporations. We want this promise to be respected. "says Frances LeBlanc, Chair of the Coalition.

The Coalition recognizes that a lot of work has been done. The pay equity process for the majority of classifications in Parts I, II and III of the public service are completed. They represent the government employees, school districts and hospitals.

However, the Coalition’s Chair points out that there is still a long way to go before the government's promise is fully respected. Indeed, bargaining units representing teachers and institutional services and care have not yet begun the process. the Crown corporations which are subject to the Act did start the process: NB Power, WorkSafe NB, New Brunswick Legal Aid Services Commission, New Brunswick Community College, Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, NB Liquor and the Financial and Consumer Services Commission.

"We are particularly concerned about the non-unionized staff who have not yet begun the process. With the current government’s mandate ending in just over a year, they need to put extra resources.” says Johanne Perron, Executive Director of the Coalition.

The Coalition is asking that the Pay Equity Bureau, created by the Act, produce a detailed report on the implementation of pay equity since the coming into force of the Act on April 1, 2010. "It's a question of accountability. The government must demonstrate to the public that it has taken the necessary steps to comply with the 2009 Pay Equity Act. " says Frances LeBlanc.

« Pay equity – equal pay for work of equal value – is a fundamental human right. Every day without pay equity means another day that workers in female-dominated jobs do not have their human rights respected. The time to act is now.” concludes Johanne Perron.




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