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Response to the 2018-2019 budget: Investments in female-dominated sectors


Moncton — The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity highlights the investments in female-dominated jobs in the provincial government's 2018-19 budget.

The government is committed to investing $11.6 million to increase the wages of women working in the care giving sector, including special care home employees and home support workers.

This increase follows the recent announcement of investments in the wages of early childhood educators. Beginning in 2019, wages for trained early childhood educators are expected to reach $19 within four years.

“We are pleased that the provincial government is addressing the wages of workers in the care giving sector and early childhood educators. It is high time that wages better reflect the value of the important services they provide to society. There is a lot of catching up to do to achieve pay equity in these female-dominated sectors,” says Coalition Chair Frances LeBlanc.

In fact, she would like to get more details regarding the investments in the care giving sector: “We want to know what it means for the workers' pay check.”

Lastly, the budget speech indicates it supports pay equity by educating and increasing awareness among private sector organizations of 50 employees or more doing business with the government. Rather, the 2014 Liberal Platform pledged to require pay equity plansa nuance that does not escape the Coalition.

“We must go beyond education and take action with the adoption of pay equity legislation for the private sector. Everyone will benefit from it,” affirms Johanne Perron, the Executive Director of the Coalition.


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