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WANTED: Report on Five-Year Wage Gap Action Plan


The NB Coalition for Pay Equity wants the provincial government to release the final report on the Five-Year Wage Gap Action Plan before the provincial election in September.
“The Action Plan gave employers five years to introduce pay equity on a voluntary basis,” says Johanne Perron, Executive Director. “That five years is up in June 2010. We need information to evaluate the results of this approach. We urge the government to release the report by June 2010.”
“If voluntary measures didn’t work, we will need legislation. Pay equity is a human right.”
New Brunswick’s Pay Equity Act, 2009 comes into effect today, April 1, 2010, in the public sector, but the private sector, where 67% of NB women in the workforce are employed, is not covered.
“We recognize the government’s important efforts to bring pay equity in the public sector, but we need to know what happens with the private employers” states Perron.
The Action Plan was based on the recommendations of a Round Table comprised of various stakeholders including New Brunswick’s most important private sector lobbying groups. The Round Table had recommended that the government “coordinate an independent and comprehensive evaluation of the Action Plan” and “[…] if the comprehensive independent evaluation indicates only limited progress towards the objectives has been achieved, the Government of New Brunswick develop and implement appropriate wage gap reduction legislative mechanisms, applicable to both the private and public sectors of the New Brunswick economy”.

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