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The Coalition appeals to the new State Minister on the Status of Women


The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity is not giving up in spite of last week’s refusal of its latest project proposal to Status of Women Canada.
“We have renewed hope for a positive response to our project with the appointment of a new minister,” stated Marilyn MacCormack, Chair of the Coalition.
She is counting on the past experience with and interest in women’s groups of Rona Ambrose, the newly appointed State Minister (Status of Women), who has replaced Helena Guergis.
“Minister Ambrose has worked with various women’s groups in the past and we believe she will understand our project’s potential for New Brunswick women,” explained MacCormack.
The requested subsidy would allow the Coalition for Pay Equity to work closely with women in the province and help them to develop their leadership skills whether in raising awareness on women’s issues, developing media literacy or networking across diverse sectors. The proposed project would also reach a larger population of New Brunswickers through the distribution of information on issues such as gender discrimination at work.
“We are convinced that our project is relevant for women of New Brunswick. It fits within the objectives of the Women’s Community Fund at Status of Women Canada and we have proved many times that we have the ability to manage our projects effectively,” says MacCormack.
The Coalition received a negative answer to its project proposal last week, which puts the non-profit organization in jeopardy. The Coalition was founded in 1998 and includes over 700 individual members and 81 member organizations.

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