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Coalition happy about the NDP's announcement, urging other political parties to give pay equity legislation the attention it deserves.


 The NB Coalition for Pay Equity welcomes yesterday’s announcement by the NDP supporting pay equity legislation for the private sector but is asking where are the other parties?
“The other parties should announce their official platforms on pay equity", says Marilyn MacCormack, Chair of the Coalition. “As many as 67% of working women are in the private sector, and many of them hold traditionally female jobs. They need to know what the provincial parties are proposing.”
“The NDP’s announcement is certainly giving pay equity the importance it deserves”, says Marilyn MacCormack. “Yesterday was Labour Day and pay equity legislation can make a big difference in many workers’ financial security and that of their family”. If all employers are required to ensure equal pay for work of equal value, many workers would get improved wages, MacCormack explains.
Legislation would require employers to compare the value of jobs mostly held by women and that of jobs mostly held by men. If the value is the same, the pay would have to be the same. Because of historical discrimination against women in the workplace, jobs mostly held by women are often paid less than typically male jobs requiring the same level of responsibility, competence, working conditions and efforts.
The Coalition will continue its pressures on all political parties. Its next public event is a breakfast with ten women candidates in the southeast region, on this Wednesday, September 8, at 8am, room Richelieu, Taillon building, Université de Moncton. A similar event will take place in Fredericton, on the following week.

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