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Women should not pay for the economic crisis


The New Brunswick Throne Speech was silent on the current pay equity programs for workers in child care, home support, transition houses and group homes.
“Workers in these sectors should not pay for the economic crisis”, says Marilyn MacCormack, Chair of the NB Coalition for Pay Equity. “They are underpaid and have already been waiting for a long time for the results of the pay equity programs initiated by the government over the past few years. They need to improve their own economic condition.”
Moreover, many employers in the sectors targeted by the pay equity programs are dealing with very high staff turnover, due to clearly insufficient wages. This results in high administrative and training costs and affects the quality of the services offered, according to Marilyn MacCormack.
“Government inaction in pay equity would affect everyone: the workers, their employers but also our society’s most vulnerable people – children, elderly, adults with significant needs, and victims of violence,” says the Coalition’s Chair.
The four groups offer services mandated by the government but are not covered under the Pay Equity Act, 2009. Managed by non-profit organizations or small entrepreneurs, child care centers, home support agencies, group homes and transition houses rely upon government contributions for their daily operations.

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