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Women need to choose the voice that will represent them


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November 14, 2011


Moncton – The Ad Hoc Committee for a Council on the Status of Women wants the provincial government to involve women and women's organizations in making the final choice for a new mechanism representing New Brunswick women's interests.


According to the Ad Hoc Committee, the process followed at the November 4 and 5 Voices of Women's Summit cannot serve as a true consultation of NB Women. It was held by invitation and while various options were discussed, the process followed did not allow open discussions in plenary sessions, so it did not lead to a prioritization of possible options.


The summit was organized in response to the overwhelming support of the work of the recently abolished Advisory Council on the Status of Women. It was organized by the Women’s Issues Branch of the Executive Council Office. It included two events, one organized on November 4 for women representing organizations. November 5th was reserved for women not representing an organization.


“Although we were pleased that the government held this event, some elements of the consultation were problematic.” says Jody Dallaire, spokesperson with the Ad-hoc Committee on the Status of Women. “Our biggest criticism is that the summit did not allow enough time to discuss what mechanism is needed in New Brunswick to continue advance women’s equality now that the advisory council is no longer there. Several options were put forward but there was no space to discuss which option will best meet the needs of New Brunswick women.”


“It only makes sense for women to be part of the discussion in choosing which type of mechanism will be chosen by government to represent them,” says Sarah LeBlanc , Ad-hoc committee spokesperson. “We are calling on the provincial government to involve women in this important next step of the discussion.”


The Ad-hoc Committee for a Council on the Status of Women continues its work to ensure that an effective and independent, publicly funded, voice is put in place to represent the interests of New Brunswick Women. On March 22, the provincial government announced that it was eliminating the funding allocated to the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women. Since the announcement, an Ad-hoc Committee for a Council on the Status of Women was formed.



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