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Throne Speech: They worked. They expect their full wages.


Throne Speech:
They worked. They expect their full wages.
The throne speech was completely silent on the government’s plans for the four groups of private sector employees waiting for pay equity adjustments: workers in home support agencies, child care centers, group homes and transition houses.
However Vallie Stearns, Chair of the NB Coalition for Pay Equity, said she refuses to believe the government is setting aside these payments which would only correct injustices from the past. 
“These employees have been underpaid for decades. The pay equity programs gave them hope that they would finally be paid fairly. Why keep them in uncertainty? Since it came to power, the Alward government gave them no indication on its intentions. These employees deserve pay equity adjustments, and they should get them as soon as the next fiscal year begins,” stated Vallie Stearns.
The Coalition’s Chair stresses that the economy suffers when women are not paid enough for their work. “These employees contribute to the economy in many ways: they make purchases, they pay taxes, they provide support to families allowing more people to enter the workforce or to develop businesses,” she said.
Given the government’s silence, the Coalition is organizing a provincial tour: “Pay Equity Means to Me…”, for people working in child care, home support agencies, group homes and transition houses.
“We want to inform them of the present situation and discuss ways to put pressure on the government in order to finally get the expected pay equity adjustments”, said Vallie Stearns.
People can register at 855-0002 or by email at Meetings are planned in the following regions:
  • Campbellton: Monday, November 28, 6:30 pm, at the Conference Room, Community College (French)
  • Tracadie-Sheila: November 29, 7pm, Marché centre-ville (French)
  •  Moncton: Wednesday, November 30, 6:15 pm (English) and 7:15 pm (French), Public Library, Room D.
  • Edmundston: Tuesday, January 17, 7pm (French, location to be determined)
  • Fredericton: Wednesday, January 18, 7pm (English, location to be determined)
  • Saint John: Thursday, January 19, 7 pm (English, location to be determined)

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