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Still Standing! The Coalition continues its second fundraising campaign.


Still Standing!
The Coalition continues its second fundraising campaign
The fundraising campaign for pay equity has now reached over $50,000, i.e. approximately two thirds of its $80,000 objective.
At 65% of its objective, the NB Coalition for Pay Equity keeps its course and continues its fundraising campaign, Still Standing. According to Dr. Pamela Coates, Anglophone Co-President of the campaign, “it is essential to continue in order to eliminate one of the root causes for women’s poverty: pay inequity.”
Among the Coalition’s activities that she particularly endorses, Pamela Coates highlights the important tour “Pay Equity Means to Me” with the staff and employers of child care centers, home support agencies, community residences and transition houses.
The “Pay Equity Means to Me” tour aims at working with people directly affected by the pay equity programs initiated by the government a few years ago, following the adoption of the Wage Gap Action Plan. The Coalition wants to work with them to ensure their pay equity adjustment begin with the next provincial budget.
Already approximately 150 people from the four targeted sectors have been met in Moncton, Campbellton, Grand-Falls and Tracadie-Sheila. Other meetings are planned in January in five communities: Edmundston, Fredericton, Saint John, Bathurst and Miramichi.
Louise Imbeault, Francophone Co-President of the campaign, also wants to support the Coalition’s efforts to obtain pay equity legislation in the private sector, where 67% of NB working women are involved.
“All this work requires funding. In the spirit of the Holiday season, I am calling on all New Brunswickers concerned with more justice and equality in our province to generously contribute to the Still Standing fundraising campaign,” says Louise Imbeault.
She says that in New Brunswick, 70% of women and 14% of men are in predominantly female jobs. “Imagine the impact on the economic security of these people, their families and our communities when, together, we will obtain pay equity”, she adds.
Pay equity is equal pay for work of equal value. It is reached when the wages of jobs mostly done by women are the same as those of jobs of the same value but mostly held by men.

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