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Milestones and Road Signs: On the Journey to Pay Equity in New Brunswick


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Milestones and Road Signs: 
On the Journey to Pay Equity in New Brunswick
Room 142, Adrien-J.-Cormier Building, Université de Moncton
409 Université Avenue, Moncton
Saturday, May 19, 2012, 9:30 am to 12pm
Recent results of the pay equity programs undertaken with workers from three private sector groups will likely be the focus of the forum on pay equity, organized by the NB Coalition for Pay Equity, on Saturday, May 19, from 9:30 am to 12:30pm, at Room 142, Adrien-J.-Cormier Building, Université de Moncton, Moncton.
Entitled Milestones and Road Signs: On the Journey to Pay Equity in New Brunswick, the forum will give an overview of the recent evolution of pay equity in the public and private sectors and will provide opportunities for in-depth discussions.
“We are very surprised of the results reached by the government for the home support, transition house and child care workers. At first glance, they don’t seem credible. We need full transparency for the workers that this concerns,” said Vallie Stearns, Chair of the NB Coalition for Pay Equity.
Last Friday, with the Women’s Issues Branch budget estimates, the government released the wages determined by the pay equity exercises initiated a few years ago. Eight job classifications were evaluated, but based on government calculations, only two will obtain notable pay equity adjustments: child care support workers will reach $12.52 an hour following a $2.52 adjustment spread over five years and home support workers will earn $13.15 an hour with a $2.15 increase also spread over five years.
To the Coalition’s astonishment, the Minister responsible for the Status of Women, Margaret-Ann Blaney, announced that the “fair wage” for crisis interveners in transition houses was found to be $13.40 while for child care educators the “fair wage” was $13.32.
The Coalition wants full disclosure of the reports on these programs. “We have been asking for reports on the methodology and results for over a year” said the Coalition’s Chair. “The results are out, now, but we can’t understand how the government reached these conclusions until the full methodology and the results at each step of the process are released”.
The forum is open to the public. Registration information is available on the Coalition’s web site: The forum will be followed by the Coalition’s AGM in the afternoon.
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Vallie Stearns, Chair, 232-3742
Johanne Perron, Executive Director, 855-0002

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