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The NB Coalition for Pay Equity launched its third annual fundraising campaign


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The NB Coalition for Pay Equity launched its third annual fundraising campaign 

Moncton – The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity launched its third annual fundraising campaign, on October 31, in Moncton.

David Hawkins and Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet co-chair the campaign. They announced this year’s slogan: “Pay Equity… it starts with you!” The Coalition has set its objective at $75,000 and has already raised $38,000 – 51% of its objective – just with its close allies and friends.

Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet, professor at the Université de Moncton and a strong advocate for women’s rights, said the Coalition for Pay Equity makes a difference because it promotes greater social justice for women and their families. “Pay equity will help improve families’ socio-economic status and quality of life, especially in the case of lower-income families,” she said. “Pay equity will also improve our economy – when families have more income, they can buy what they need, money circulates and that creates jobs.”

David Hawkins, well known for founding and managing the marketing communications and public relations firm, Hawk Communications Inc., with his wife and partner Lorrie, said he accepted to co-chair this campaign because he is committed to human rights. “Pay inequity is gender inequality in respect to employees who are paid less than their colleagues for work of equal value. And, let’s face it, that’s just not right. I am pleased and honored to join others who believe that this unfairness is simply wrong – that it is beneath us as a community, as New Brunswickers, as Canadians and as citizens of the world - and that we all need to do all that we can to correct this injustice.”

The fundraised money will be used to promote pay equity as part of fair human resource management practices and to advocate for provincial pay equity legislation for the private sector so that every New Brunswicker working in predominantly-female jobs gets equal pay for work of equal value.

The population is invited to make donations by cash, cheque or via Paypal on this site: The Coalition now offers the option of making monthly donations either via Paypal or through pre-authorized bank withdrawals.

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David Hawkins, Anglophone Co-President of the Campaign, 850-1651
Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet, Francophone Co-President of the Campaign, 858-4414 (b)
383-7111 (r)
Johanne Perron, Executive Director, 855-0002 (b); 850-6963 (c)

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