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Valuing Community Caregiving Project

Early on, the Coalition highlighted that jobs in community care services were undervalued and underpaid compared to male-dominated jobs of same value. This led to the creation of the Valuing Care-Giving Work project.

The 3-year project (2018-2021) follows a three-pronged strategy: 

  • EVALUATING jobs in the community care sector and calculating pay equity. 
  • RAISING public awareness on the value of community care services. 
  • ADVOCATING for pay equity.

Six services are targeted: 

  • Home support services 
  • Community residences 
  • Transition houses for women who are victims of domestic violence 
  • Special care homes 
  • Family support services 
  • ESSP agencies (Employment and Support Services Program)
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Three committees made up of employees and employers from the community care sector, as well as volunteers are working with the Coalition throughout the course of this project. 

Since government and the community care sector completed a pay equity exercise in 2008-2014, we did a maintenance exercise in 2018-2020 for the following services: 

  • Home support services 
  • Community residences (children and adults) 
  • Transition houses for women who are victims of domestic violence. 

Here are the results. Now we need to advocate to make these fair wages a reality.

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Check out the complete report released in late October 2020: The Value of Care: pay equity maintenance in home care, transition houses, and community residences.

Look at our second report released in May 2021, with job evaluations for three new services: The value of care : pay equity in special care homes, ESSP agencies and family support agencies.

Also, consult our handbook, Evaluating pay equity in the community care sectorfor details on all the steps in a job evaluation exercise.