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Valuing Community Caregiving

The 3-year project (2018-2021) follows a three-pronged strategy: 

  • EVALUATING the adequacy of wages in the community care sector with the goal of achieving pay equity. 
  • RAISING public awareness so people understand the value of community care services, and forging a social consensus on the necessity of investing public funds to achieve pay equity in the sector. 
  • ADVOCATING for pay equity.

Six services are targeted: 

  • Home support services 
  • Community residences 
  • Transition houses for women who are victims of domestic violence 
  • Special care homes 
  • Family support services 
  • ADAPT agencies (Adult Development Activities, Programs and Training). 

The Coalition is supported in this project by three committees made up of representatives from the community care sector and volunteers.  

  • The Advisory Committee oversees the project’s three-pronged strategy. 
  • The Pay Equity Steering Committee oversees the job evaluation exercise. 
  • The 1st Job Evaluation Committee evaluates jobs in three services where the goal is to maintain pay equity. 

The Coalition offers training to its three committees. We use a training handbook prepared by the Conseil d’intervention pour l’accès des femmes au travail du Québec (CIAFT). The handbook, Evaluating pay equity in the community care sector, explains in detail all the steps in a job evaluation exercise. 

Puisqu’ils avaient déjà complété un processus d’équité salariale en 2008-2014, nous avons entrepris un exercice de

Since a pay equity exercise was completed in 2008-2014, we are going through a maintenance exercise for the following services: 

  • Home support services 
  • Community residences (children and adults) 
  • Transition houses for women who are victims of domestic violence. 

Because there were problems with methodology in 2008-2014, we now have an opportunity to improve the process.