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Pay Equity is a human right!


The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity is marking Human Rights Day on December 10 by highlighting that pay equity is a fundamental human right.
“Pay Equity, equal pay for work of equal or comparable value, is a fundamental human right that has been recognized since 1951 when the Equal Remuneration Convention was adopted by the International Labour Organization. However, that human right is being denied because many jobs that are predominantly done by women are still undervalued and underpaid. This contributes to NB women earning 88.8 cents an hour per dollar earned by men in 2015 (i.e., on average $20.18 vs $22.72). It is estimated that about 80% of this wage gap is attributable to discrimination,” says Vallie Stearns-Anderson, Chair of the Coalition.
To ensure pay equity, we compare the value of jobs traditionally or predominantly held by women to the value of jobs traditionally or predominantly held by men, based on four factors: skill, responsibility, effort, and working conditions. A female job which is approximately equal in value to a male job must receive to the same pay.
“There is no reason that we should tolerate discrimination on the basis of gender.  While the Coalition is encouraged by the fact that both the provincial and federal governments are taking initial steps towards pay equity, we remind elected officials that, the time to act on pay equity is now, and not some time in the future.” concludes Stearns-Anderson.

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