Research and Analysis

September 2017 Needs assessment report for the Empowering Women for Political and Community Action. Presented to Status of Women Canada.

July 2016 Needs assessment report for the Improving the Economic Prosperity of Women in the Care-Giving Field project. Presented to Status of Women Canada. 

October 2014 Pay Equity in Care-Giving Services in New Brunswick. Report prepared for the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity, by Ruth Rose, adjunct professor of economics, Université du Québec à Montréal. You can also consult the Report's Executive Summary.  

2014 - Elizabeth Blaney, Wendy Johnston, Louise Aucoin & Johanne Perron The Government of New Brunswick's Pay Equity Program for Non-Legislated Sectors: A just and Equitable Process? University of New Brunswick Law Journal,  Vol. LXV, ISSN 0077-8141, 2014, pages 353-377

2011 - Report on women's leadership in New Brunswick's community sector. Produced on contract by Beth Lyons for the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity (Coalition) with contributions from Johanne Perron (Executive Director, Coalition) and Emmanuelle Chapados (Project Officer, Coalition).

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