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A budget surplus while there is an urgent need for pay equity

As the provincial government announced a budget surplus for the fourth year in a row, the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity has difficulty understanding why frontline workers’ wages remain so low, especially in the community caregiving sector. 

“In the context of the pandemic and budget surpluses, it is unfair to pursue austerity measures and to offer only $13.55 to $16.80 an hour to caregiving workers. We recognize the government’s investments in wages over the past few years, but wage adjustments need to seriously accelerate,” says Krysta Cowling, Chair of the Coalition. 

Indeed, the Coalition has established that the sector's wages need to reach approximately $22 and $26 an hour in order to achieve pay equity. 

"It is as if the workers who provide essential services to women fleeing violence, to seniors and to people with disabilities are subsidizing the government," argues Krysta Cowling. “We urge the government to act now. " 

“The pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of community care work. Now, we need to invest consequently,” argues the Chair of the Coalition. 


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