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Budget 2024-2025

2024-2025 Budget: Another missed opportunity to reach pay equity in caregiving

Fredericton — The 2024-2025 budget is a missed opportunity to finally achieve pay equity in the care sector, laments the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity.

The government will provide $29.6 million in wage adjustments for workers in home support, family support, specialized placement and attendant care services, as well as special care homes, group homes and community residences. The precise adjustments will only be announced in the coming weeks.

"Given successive budget surpluses, how can the government choose to continue underpaying care workers?  The sector is in crisis, and the situation calls for robust investment," says Coalition Chair Krysta Cowling.

The Coalition indexed the equitable wages determined by job evaluations in 2020 and 2021. These wages range from $25.89 to $29.90 per hour in 2024, depending on the job and service. This represents a wage gap of approximately $6 to $10 per hour.

"The workers in this sector are exhausted. Many need a second job to get by, some have to work overtime due to staff shortages, others have to take sick leave at their own expense due to exhaustion. Families want quality services, and that starts with quality jobs," adds Cowling. 

Wages 2024-2025


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