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Call for the release of the annual report of the Pay Equity Act, 2009

Moncton — On the eve of the 14th anniversary of the Pay Equity Act, 2009, on June 19, the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity is calling on the government to be more transparent about its implementation.

"We are committed to respecting public sector workers' right to pay equity. For this reason, we are calling on the Minister of Women's Equality, Hon. Tammy Scott-Wallace, to make public a report with the necessary information to evaluate the implementation of the Pay Equity Act, 2009 on an annual basis. The government must account for progress made and any delays incurred," says Krysta Cowling, Chair of the Coalition.

The Coalition is particularly concerned about non-unionized jobs and those that have not yet undergone a first evaluation, despite more than 14 years having elapsed since the Act was passed.

"We also question the measures taken to ensure the maintenance of pay equity, in accordance with the Act. The government has repeatedly stated that the Act is enforced and respected, but it is also important that employees and the public have access to this information. It's a question of accountability. After all, pay equity is a human right," adds Krysta Cowling.

By now, all female-dominated jobs should have been evaluated and the maintenance process initiated to reflect job evolution and to prevent the resurgence of pay inequity.

The Coalition underlines that section 29 (3)[1] of the Act stipulates that the Pay Equity Bureau must submit an annual report to the Minister of Women's Equality on the implementation and maintenance of pay equity. The Coalition is asking Minister Tammy Scott-Wallace to publicly release this report. This will ensure that commitments are respected and increase confidence in the pay equity evaluation system, as well as the implementation of the Act.

“Improving access to this information would enable us to work towards common goals,” concludes Krysta Cowling.

The Pay Equity Act, 2009) applies to parts I (government departments), II (school system), and III (hospital sector) of public service, as well as to Crown corporations.

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The New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity is a group of individuals and organizations that pursues and ensures the realization of the right to pay equity and to just conditions of work for women. To that end, the Coalition engages in communication, education, research, advocacy for the adoption and the implementation of adequate legislation, as well as public policy dialogue and development.

Pay equity is equal pay for work of equal value. To achieve pay equity, the value of female-dominated jobs must be compared to the value of male-dominated jobs

[1] 29(3) The Bureau shall submit to the Minister an annual report setting out the progress in the implementation and maintenance of pay equity.


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