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Contact Your Elected Representatives

Write to your local Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) to ask for their support for pay equity for workers in the community caregiving sector.

Make your voice heard.

Member of New Brunswick Legislative Assembly (MLA):
Minister of Social Development:
Minister responsible for Women's Equality:
The Message

I am urging you to ensure pay equity for caregiving workers in the following services:

  • home care
  • family support
  • transition houses for women fleeing violence
  • community residences
  • employment and support services program
  • special care homes
In spite of their high responsibilities, skills, effort and difficult working conditions, these caregivers only earn between $13.85 and $16.80 per hour. To reach pay equity, wages should range between $22 and $26 per hour, depending on the service.

I am asking you to correct this injustice and to follow the recommendations put forward by the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity:
  1. To develop and implement a five-year plan to reach pay equity in the whole community care sector, including:
  • yearly public investments in wages until pay equity is achieved;
  • wage scales taking pay equity into account;
  • the annual indexation of wage scales based on the consumer price index;
  • pay equity exercises for all community care jobs that have not been evaluated.
  1. To ensure the maintenance of pay equity in the community care sector every five years;
  2. To extend the Pay Equity Act, 2009 to the entire private sector.

What will you do to achieve this?

Yours sincerely,